Vrarok & Urossa, Strength & Power
Wolfe Pic 004 Vrarok & Urossa, Strength & Power
Made by Wolfe
Daily Peon Picture № 59
Member Picture № 4
Upload date 01-11-2012
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Vrarok & Urossa, Strength & Power was the fifty-ninth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It was Wolfe's fourth picture for the new roleplay.

The picture was eventually removed from the Daily Peon.

Picture descriptionEdit

Months had passed, and Grelkin's journey north was to bare no fruit. Thankfully, the goblin shaman had his human companion with him, whose insight and map of the Falmiran Domain proved to be incredibly useful. After navigating through most of the Forlorn Marshes and back into Rothgar territory, the two stopped for a two-day break, exhausted.

Salira watched Grelkin with inquisitive eyes, her green companion cross-legged and in a deep trance.

Salira: What are you doing?

Grelkin: ...

Salira: Grelkin?

Grelkin: ...

Salira: GRELKIN!

Grelkin: Garosh got-fal xashik! What?!

Salira: What are you doing?

Grelkin: I am in ashkalde. You pinkies call it meditation.

Salira: But why?

Grelkin: My body be tired, and da spirits dey be beckoning. I speak with dem, okay?

Salira: Spirits?

Grelkin: Yes, da spirits. Dey be all around you. In da sky, da sun, da moon, da earth. Even inside of us. Or me. You pinkies shun them.

Salira: Do we? I don't believe we know about them at all. Which spirits do you communicate with?

Grelkin: Bari dek'tar, gorashi... so many questions for a pinky girl. I speak to da spirits Vrarok and Urossa, Strength and Power.

Salira: And what significance do they hold?

Grelkin: ...

Salira: I'm only trying to understand!

Grelkin: Da spirits are too complex for you people.

Salira: But humans have greater intellect than you and your tribes?

Grelkin: You think dat, and in most cases in be true, but for da spirits... no, no, no. We are da spirit children, only we speak wif dem.

Salira: So how can one understand the spirits?

Grelkin: Der be a ritual - ty gash-derok. The vision quest. I can prepare it for you.

Salira: Very well.

Grelkin: Should shut you up for a while too.

Salira: ...

Grelkin then spent hours preparing, ceremonial items arranged and an odd transparent liquid prepared.

Grelkin: Lay there, and relax.

She did so.

Grelkin: Now, drink.

She took a pitcher and drank from it. She fell back down and into a deep slumber.

Grelkin: Now... lets hope she makes it.

Meanwhile, in the vision quest. Salira was met by an eyed shadow. She tried waking up, but she couldn't. She screamed, nothing formed. She began to whimper.

Salira: WHO ARE YOU!?

Spirit: I am your salvation, Salira de Moone.

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