Vulrakar Intro

Here I'll store Vulrakar lore untill I gather it all and am 100% sure.

Vulrakar populate most of Radaghan with exception of Whispering Mountains where avians live. Vulrakar never had any form of union and have been snce they remember broken in numerous clans whose number changes constantly. What is unique for vulrakar is the sence of pack. One vulrakar can't stand to be far away from others thus the original tribes were formed.


Almost all gnolls are members of tribes. Tribes are generaly rulled by Chieftains who either exibit extraordinary streght and cunning and the title is not heritable even though sons are allowed like rest of vulrakar to chalange the current Chiftains. Of course it is possible for a vulrakar to start his own tribe if he manages to get enough support.

Wardens are vulrakar that don't offically belong to any tribe. They are the voice of reason and are found in all tribes doing the role of healers and religion keepers. Most wardens are capable of using magic but it isn't neccery. To be a warden one must make an oath not to harm any other vulrakar which for most is very hard if not impossible. All Wardens at least once a year must visit the holy grounds of White Cape located near lake where continuous lightning strikes.

Honorless are vulrakar that don't belong to any tribe. This can happen either by exile which is considered worst punsihment, willingly if vulrakar rejects laws and gods or if vulrakar can use magic but refuses to become warden. Most of honorless gather in groups in wilderness far away from other tribes and act as human bandits would or in some cases die duo to lonelines.


Vulrakar like falmirians have many gods. The main two gods are gods of War and Peace represented by sun and moon respectivly. These two gods are worshiped by all trbes while the lesser gods aren't neccesrly liked by all tribes. What gods one tribe will worship mostly depebds of tribes location.


Vulrakar look like humanoid hyenas. They are usually taller then most humans but shorter then orcs in general. They have great endurance and physical strength.


Humans - Human kingdoms are generaly viewed equal to tribes and as Falmir now rules all human kingdoms vulrakar admire it greatly. Because of this it is dream of every chieftain one day to cross the see and chalange the King. So far none tribes dared to cross the sea, not because of fear of Falmir, but rather from fear that rival tribe will attack while they are gone. Its conmsidered that if vulrakar ever would unite that they would almost instantly attack Falmir. Vulrakar consider west lands to be rich and great and thus will do anything to explore the lands, even join mercenery grups.

At same time Falmir also wishes to expand to eastern lands. Some lords however made trading posts on shores of vulrakar lands and have active trading with various tribes. The number of trading posts aren't great and vulrakar general don't allow for to many soldiers to be stationed there and usually the closest tribe acts like guardian.

Greenskin - Not much is know about them except from what humans share. For this reason vulrakar usually think of greenskins to be little more then animals. Vulrakar are still impressed by orcs fighting skills. It is most likely that two would many common interests.

Avians - Vulrakar have no love for Avians. The reason for hate is lost in mists of time and Vulrakar only remember myths and legends that tell of avian cruelty and trickery. The real reason might still be known by avians.

To add list:

-Number of curent tribes and their names

-Prominent vularkar names

-Stop writing word gnolls and then remember they are vulrakar


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