• VeljkoM

    Vulrakar future update

    December 22, 2011 by VeljkoM

    Here I'll store Vulrakar lore untill I gather it all and am 100% sure.

    Vulrakar populate most of Radaghan with exception of Whispering Mountains where avians live. Vulrakar never had any form of union and have been snce they remember broken in numerous clans whose number changes constantly. What is unique for vulrakar is the sence of pack. One vulrakar can't stand to be far away from others thus the original tribes were formed.

    Almost all gnolls are members of tribes. Tribes are generaly rulled by Chieftains who either exibit extraordinary streght and cunning and the title is not heritable even though sons are allowed like rest of vulrakar to chalange the current Chiftains. Of course it is possible for a vulrakar to start his own tribe if he…

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