Yo dawgs, I create this blog post for future purposes. You might never know if you'll need a place to write some mumbo jumbo, and for testing how different stuff on the wiki works.

Wiki testing

Amargaard/Amargaard's Blog Post
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This is an example template! (So that Amargaard can learn how to make better ones)
The Eternal Fisherman
The Eternal Fisherman
Made by Amargaard
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Forever Hunted
This place is for testing new features, that I plan to include on this wiki in the future..

The Greenskin Language

Below, I will make a list of known, as well as unknown, words and sentences in the greenskin language.

Known sentences and words:

Unknown sentences and words:

  • "Al'gir lokas fald'inar", by the Khan's helm in Pic 003.
  • "Rath'ir eldor manare az'jal!", by the Khan's helm in Pic 019.

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