Race Human
Faction Kingdom of Falmir
Status Alive
Location Rockfall

Todor is a young farmer from Rockfall. He left the village and became a soldier, helping Captain Swordhand protecting a caravan, and was allowed to keep the armor after finishing his duty. He decided to return home, but when he got all the way he found the village in ruins and is now on his way to Duke Onkled, to complain about the lack of security in the Onkled Duchy.


Todor's mother arrived to Rockfall from Whitestone Stronghold twenty years ago, pregnant. She died after giving birth to Todor. He grew up as a farmer, and was one day hired by Walster Swordhand to replace a soldier that had recently died in a bandit attack. Todor and Walster continued towards the Falmir Capital City, and approached a pile of Greenskin corpses on their way. They took a surviving Orc called Am'ar, with them and sold him as a slave at the Dren Plantation.

Then the group continued towads the capital city and arrived at the Carpenter's guild, as planned. However, Todor was on his own after that, and being so far from home with no job, his only choice was to sleep on the street. He decided to return to Rockfall the next day, and wandered to a port at the Great River, from where he got recruited as sailor on a ship to Bailey, a port near Rockfall. He wandered the rest of the way to his hometown, but found it in complete ruins and he concluded that it was Greenskin work. Todor then headed to Whitestone Citadel to complain to Duke Onkled about the lack of security in the Onkled Duchy.