Race Human
Faction Triumvirate (Formerly), TlenoTech (Formerly)
Status Alive
Location Dio Para

Tleno is the human previously in charge of TlenoTech, and Alagremm's right hand. He was one of the first to arrive in the Master Peon's realm, and has taken care of all newcomers ever since.


The original Daily PeonEdit

Tleno was the main antagonist in the Hunt for Tleno, but turned out to be a good guy. He later created the steampowered faction known as TlenoTech, while being the right hand of Alagremm, thus TlenoTech and himself became part of the Triumvirate, until their planet Draenosh was taken over by evil, and he had to escape back to Azeroth where he founded the city Technocrazy in the barrens.

The new Daily PeonEdit

Tleno was one of the first to arrive in Master Peon's realm, and has since his arrival been in charge of taking care of other newcomers, either by welcoming them to Dio Para or sending the villanous ones to Med'al and the Starseekers. His first appearance in the pictures, were when he introduced Am'ar Gaardos to their new world.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Tleno is known for his look as an ordinary peasant, with short black hair and beard. He wears blue clothes.

Tleno is kind and very talkative.

Tleno is an extraordinary engineer and inventor.

Trivia and notesEdit

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