The thoughts
Legion King Pic 002
Made by Legion King
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Upload date 12-06-2011
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The Flames of the World
The Shape of Things to Come

The thoughts is the tenth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Legion King's second picture for the new roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

I had interests in archaeology when I was a boy, but when I became older I had to join the army because of my father. I had a friend who could go through archaeology and he was later known as Professor Kornalas, I gave him the orcish helm so that he may keep it safe and study on it.

Now, I see those below me from the keep's wall, the people who are being insulted by the patrols and those who are forced to give much of their wealth and coins to these mindless abominations who call themselves the king's royal guards.
What remains of the true Falmir is long gone, each year the city becomes closer to its doom... In the wars I commanded I saw that the soldiers are becoming nothing better than the brutal savages, those greenskins... There is no peace in this world.
I now choose to continue following the light and pray that it would show me the true path, the destiny that lies behind this twisted time.