The future within the horizon
Legion King Pic 004 The future within the horizon
Made by Legion King
Daily Peon Picture № 28
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Upload date 12-16-2011
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The future within the horizon is the twenty-eighth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Legion King's fourth picture for the new roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

In the days that I was watching over Falmir from the keep and keeping the king's chamber secured, I was looking at the horizon that I heard someone coming, as I turned back I saw the one I expected, Kornalas. But not like this, to be in his old armor and with a huge backpack.

Highlord Andorias: It is surprising to see you like this now old friend, yet what took you so long? You're an hour late.

- Kornalas: I have already finished my researches on the helm and wrote every single word that was heard from it, though I sensed a threat approaching and thought it might be the helm, now I've decided to take this helm to a place far away from Falmir and hide it in a secret location.
- Andorias: No, we have to carry ourselves this burden and keep the helm within our own grasp, but safe and secure.
- Kornalas: Then we will keep it with ourselves, but it must not remain in Falmir as it's a great threat to the kingdom, and I know you are not like the other captains and the guards to say Falmir can stand against any threat, not all threats are the same.
- Andorias: Aye, but to maintain this threat we can attend to the idea I have about it, to try and find the others of the khan's ancient armor pieces and at least some of them, then if anyone would want to take the pieces, we will find out when a single piece has been taken and prevent him from reaching the others.
- Kornalas: Yet we have to take some soldiers with us.
- Andorias: You do not need to worry about that, some of my men will be able to come with us, but I can have some use of adventurers.

Andorias shall attempt to find as many pieces as he can to prevent any great orcish threat against Falmir and to keep this kingdom secure.