The True Face
Azsure Pic 002 The True Face
Made by Azsure
Daily Peon Picture № 15
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Upload date 12-08-2011
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The True Face is the fifteenth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Azsure's second picture for the new roleplay.

It was formerly the seventeenth picture in the Daily Peon.

Picture descriptionEdit

(Later that night after coming from the sunset's spot...)

"She waited for me as always"

Helena: Brother, you've come home late, again...

"Hmph, with all the work I do I don't deserve such treatment..."

Come now sis, you're worrying about me too much... "It is actually me who should be worry about you"

Helena: ...

Oh, I see you're still with that novel of yours...

Helena: Well, some of it, I usually don't have the head for it since I'm always distracted by anything.

"Why do you think I go to the sunset's spot then?"

Ah, but you're just like mom was, so sentimental and worried about the family.

Helena: I just hope for our father to come back home soon.

"Not this again..."

Helena, I'm tired of telling you this, but face it! Our father died long ago already, he left us to go to battle against a greenskin tribe 21 years ago and never even sent us a single letter the whole time, considering the old he was, he would be 60 at these moments. Do you really expect him to be alive?!

Helena: But I have to believe brother, I just have to keep with my faith...

"Poor naive sister"

Helena: I also read that the sons always inherits the parents' legacy, but our father didn't let us anything to us, and I know he still has to...


And what legacy is that? The respet of hipocrites who call themselves spreaders of peace and justice, yet the only thing they did for many decades was senceless genocides and the slaughter of many innocents? if that's our legacy, I would probably hate our father.

Helena: Maybe he still has to show us.

"Yeah right"

Well, one way or another, that doesn't matter now. We only have to care about our health and our future, the rest is just a bizarre wall that prevents us to see our way.

Helena: I-I guess so... think I just needed some inspiration for my novel, and now I have it thanks to you.

Well, I'm glad to. Anyway, I'll be upstairs if you need me for anything.

Helena: But please, don't come home this late again, promise me.


All right, fine. I promise I'll be at home earlier next time.

Helena: Thank you.

"Our legacy has yet to come... what legacy is that?"