The Kingdom of Falmir Has Fallen
TheFairfield Pic 002 The Kingdom of Falmir Has Fallen
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Upload date 12-06-2011
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The Flames of the World

The Kingdom of Falmir Has Fallen is the eighth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is TheFairfield's second picture for the new roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

As I walk the streets of the city, I see the king's loyalists exploiting their power; stealing from the citizens they are sworn to protect and serve.

In the prescence of such acts, I often think of the young greenskin I met on that island, and how his kind were depicted in Falmir. There was no bloodlust in his eyes, no hate in his actions. He was simply playing like any young child would.
King Alaxender believes Falmir to be the mightiest human kingdom in the world. Little does he know, however, that it is in fact the meekest and most foul place in all creation.

The Kingdom of Falmir has fallen. And I intend to save it.