The King Shall Fall
TheFairfield Pic 003
Made by TheFairfield
Daily Peon Picture № 16
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Upload date 12-09-2011
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The King Shall Fall is the sixteenth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is TheFairfield's third picture for the new roleplay.

It was formerly the eighteenth picture in the Daily Peon.

Picture descriptionEdit

When I leave the harbour for my home, I often look up at the towering structure that is Falmir Keep. Many times I have seen the silhouette of the King looking down upon his dominion, and cannot help but wonder how one could be so cruel. Did a tragedy in his childhood break his mind, or was he just born arrogant and vile?

Whatever the case may be, he must be stopped. His reign has turned Corinth from a once peaceful, serene landscape into a desolate and deadly wasteland. His men patrol the roads in and out of the city, and there are few safe havens outside the walls. Before the Great War, greenskins were rare. Now, they are a nuisance.
Something must be done, for if this disgrace continues, humanity will perish and fall into obscurity.
My name is Highlord Valithor Karson.
The King shall fall.
And I intend to do it.