The King Pic 007
The King Pic 007
Made by The King
Daily Peon Picture № 51
Member Picture № 7
Upload date 01-05-2012
Picture guide
The Departure

The King Pic 007 is the fifty-first picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is The King's seventh picture for the roleplay.

It was formerly the fifty-fifth picture in the Daily Peon.

Picture descriptionEdit

After four painful days of rowling the ship arrived at early dusk on the other end of the kingdom in the westest bank of the great corinth river at that place where it makes a ^ turn was the biggest town in West Coast Valley and serverd both commercial and military function called Bailey.Anyways our character Todor recived his coins and went straight towards his native village of Rock fall which was a few hours upnorth. He arrived just as the sun had hid behind the horizon and nightfal was soon carrying a torch he had just lid up a few moments ago.

He smelled something was wrong a hundred meters before he entered the village.And when he did his worst fears had come true, the once beautiful quiet village was reduced to burned ruins.All of the villagers were slain,not even the children and livestock were spared. And the bodies... the bodies were badly mutalated even some of the female were raped...after they had already died...the stench was horrible, flies were everywhare,some corpses were chewn by wild animals and lost of heads were missing meaning that some sick fuck collects them.Bodies were left hanging on stakes a gruesome slowly painful merceless death.This was no brigadir doign, the level of cruelty and strange pegan totems lead to an orcish attack,the innocent villagers appeared to be slaughtered just for fun like a twisted holiday that took place a few days after he left.
The gruesome sight deeply affected Todor, a peaceful villager with great warrior potential altough his face was blank with no emotion.Something had to be done, the prcs had to pay but the only thing he could do now was go upnorth in the mountains in Whitestone Citadel where Duke Onkled ruled the province and ask him for military help...

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