The King Pic 006
The King Pic 006
Made by The King
Daily Peon Picture № 45
Member Picture № 6
Upload date 12-26-2011
Picture guide
The Black Sun
The King Pic 006 is the forty-fifth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is The King's sixth picture for the roleplay.

It was formerly the forty-ninth picture in the Daily Peon.

Picture descriptionEdit

The next day Todor decided he should go back to the farm already since such a big city is no place for a humble farmer like him.So one morning he left the city on foot and continued to walk north for a day untill he reached a moderate size village on the bank of the Great River still in the Falmirian Peninsula (you will probably see it on the map).Anyways at the tavern there he learned there was a ship that sail all across to the Onkled Duchy he lived in and the trip was supposingly cheap so when he finished his mug of ale he headed to the small docks where there were only 5 ships.There he saw a lone old sea dog standing at the pear gazing into the horizon.

Todor:Excuse me old man which of these ships goes to the Onkled Duchy?
Captain: Aye that would be mine *turns around and points at a big old ship and says* 12 gold peices.
Todor:To the Onkled Duchy?Only 12?Theres obviously a scam here.
Captain:Nope we leave in an hour with or without you traveler.
Todor:Fine I'll give you once we sail off.
*two hours later, 2nd pic*
Todor: Fuck i knew it was a scam -.-

And so our hero has to roll a slowly painful journey to the other side of the continent...

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