The King Pic 004
The King Pic 004
Made by The King
Daily Peon Picture № 37
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Upload date 12-20-2011
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The King Pic 004 is the thirty-seventh picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is The King's fourth picture for the roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

An hour later at the carpenter's guild in Falmir Capital City...

Captain:Ah got to love the wild Falmirian Weather,would you know it?Its raining AGAIN!Every damn time!My damn armor is soaked!

Todor: Aww cheer up captain, atleast we've finaly made it, even if one of your footmen didnt make it.
Cheif carpenter:Yes you must be the ebony convoy from Highcliff Harbor,how was your journey?
Captain:Terrible!Bandits and greenskins everywhere around the countryside,it aint safe anymore...
*Walster hands a small document scroll*
*Carpenter takes a quick look trough it*
Carpenter:Ah yes this seems quite alright,please get in while the men unpack the horses and check the stock.

They all enter the small house.

10 minutes later...

Guild Guard:Every peice of Ebony is there as mentioned in the document, boss!

Carpenter:Splended!Alright gentlemen you each get your payment for the fine job you did!

10 more minutes later...

Our 5 soldiers walk out of the guild yard into the streets of Falmir.

Captain:Well I guess this is it we must get back to Highcliff Harbor in a week, exept for you Todor,Im sorry friend but you arent qualified and the duke certainly wont approve we took a random villager with us.As a compensation you can keep that armor.

Todor:Oh well seems fair...I guess... Wait how do i get back home?

Captain: Ah now we never talked about that so... you're on your own kid.

Todor: Ah... I suppose i can figure out something...

Captain: Hey im not cruel but the world today.

Todor: I'll remember that saying captain.Farewell!

Our character said his goodbyes with the captain and the other 3 footman.

Due to the late hour and bad weather our character couldnt find a tavern so he had to take shelter under a waggon on the street - still bad but atleast not in the rain.
The next morning it was unexpectably sunny.As Todor got out he noticed how the seemingly dead streets were filled with town's people each doing their thing and not paying him any attention.He walked down the street among them.The city guards looked at him with suspision yet didnt do anything.
He walked down futher untill he got to a small square where lots of people were guathered.Making his way trough them he noticed a small stage in the center where a play was beeing performed. "Defence of the Tree" was a very intresting play with good writing and acting.Todor stayed and watched untill the end and then when the performance was over and the actors got down amongs the people to collect any donations,to the amusment of the actors he proudly gave a single gold coin, a worthy value at these darl times of poverty and famine.