The King Pic 003
The King Pic 003
Made by The King
Daily Peon Picture № 27
Member Picture № 3
Upload date 12-14-2011
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The King Pic 003 is the twenty-seventh picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is The King's third picture for the roleplay. It is the first picture to feature two members' main characters.

Picture descriptionEdit

Following the road an hour later,at the edge of the forest not that far from Falmir.

*the convoy arrives to a small battlefield on the road where a bunch of still warm dead orcs*
Captain: Damn orcs are becoming braver every day, what were they doing this close to the capital?Oh well atleast the royal patrols still manage to do their job right.
Footman: Captain look that one there is moving!
*everyone gets off their horses and comes closer to take a look*
Captain: Bloody hell he is alive!
Todor: Then lets not hesitate and rid the world from one last horror!
Captain: Hold on boy, he's bearly scratched we can make a good profit out of this thing.
Footman: Slavery?But isnt that illegal sir?
Captain: Oh its just an orc, George. Nobody knew it was even born. I know someone ready to pay for this brute strenght. We all share the profits, deal?
Captain:Okay now get the chains we're about 2 hours away from falmir, he wont slow us down that much.

About 2 hours later at the Dren Plantation 10 minutes by horse alway from the outskirts of Falmir Capital City, our small group arrive at the front of the Dren Manor where they are greeted by a servant.*

Servant: Oh no we already payed our tribute last week, go away we wont give you a single coin!
Captain:Oh no dont worry we arent here for that, I am Captain Walster from the Onkled duchy and Im here to talk buisness with mister Dren, call him he knows me.
Servant: Alright he will be here in a couple of minutes...

356 secconds later*

Orvas Dren (not an elf so ignore the pointy ears,blame blizzard for lack of models also he's one of the richest not noble people) : Ah Captain Walster what brings you into my humble home.

Captain: Buisness as usual,we tought you might need another worker or the plantation.

Orvas:An orc! How... exotic. Seems to be wounded.

Captain: Bah those are just flesh scratches you know he'll be a good worker. Ninty Gold peices!

Orvas: The brew might not be strong enough to take effect or be too strong and kill him. 65 !

Captain: Oh come on do you know all the trouble we went trough to get it here and now you want it dirt cheap?

Orvas: Fine 80 gold is my last offer.

Captain: Glad we got things worked out.

And thats how the orc (am) got sold into slavery and the 5 men arrived with their ebony shipment on time.