The Hidden, Part III
Alagremm Pic 008 The Hidden, Part III
Made by Alagremm
Daily Peon Picture № 42
Member Picture № 8
Upload date 12-23-2011
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The Farewell
Past Unknowns

The Hidden, Part III is the forty-second picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Alagremm's eighth picture for the new roleplay.

It was formerly the forty-sixth picture in the Daily Peon.

Picture descriptionEdit

Terentian was in the sewers of the city. He remembered the words of his follower and went as he told him. Ironic in a way.

Why would the mage hide in the sewers? Though it is underground and away from the guards, there are far better places to hide beneath the surface.
Suddenly he heard the sound of steps. Coming closer. He stopped and listened to the sounds of an approaching man. Soon out of the shadow came out the massive figure of the mage named Sean. He looked at Terentian with slight contempt and said:
"My, my... such a waste of green fabric. It will be useless when it will be covered with the blood of the Emperor's lapdog"
Terentian looked at the mage with an equal level of disgust.
"Such a good suit. Too bad it stanches as foul as this pit"
"Now you listen, empi-"
"Blind fool! I am not the king's servant!"
Sean looked confused for a moment and then a smug expression came to his face.
"Oh really? Sorry for offending you, I did not know the circus came to the city early this year"
"That's about enough, Sean" thundered the voice behind the mage.
Both men turned and saw another wizard, who looked at Terentian without any curiousity, simply examining him like a painting.
"He is not the king's slave. I can feel something around him... are you a mage?"
Terentian looked the man in the eyes for a moment contemplating and then replied quietly.
"Yes. I am a lone mage. I managed to escape the dungeons and-"
"Escape the dungeons? Ha! You are a real storyteller, fella" cried Sean laughing.
"I heard rumours of a mage who managed to escape the dungeons a few weeks ago... how'd you manage to do it?" asked the older mage, ignoring Sean.
Still looking straight in the man's eyes with the same serious expression, Terentian replied.
"Luck... just luck."
"You'll have to rely on more then just luck, if you wish to survive, rogue mage. Welcome to the Black Sun"

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