The Hidden, Part II
Alagremm Pic 007 The Hidden, Part II
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Upload date 12-18-2011
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The Hidden, Part II is the thirty-second picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Alagremm's seventh picture for the new roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

As He said, beneath the casualty and order, forgotten secrets may lie for aeons. Jason was walking the streets in a hurry. It wasn't raining though. He reached an old house, in the state of deep disrepair. A part of it seemed to have been a tower once, built of good stone. He looked around in search of spectators, but as he saw nobody, he quickly entered the building and nodded to the man sitting inside, next to a candle. He then went through a short corridor and entered the cellar door. Surprisingly, the cellar had two men in it, quietly discussing something. Jason coughed and they turned to him. One of them, who had a sword of a Falmir guard next to him nodded. His name was Felor.

"I haven't seen you in a while Jason" he said, watching him.
"I... have been thinking" he replied, trying not to look him in the eyes.
"You do know we dont have a meeting today?"
"I need to tell him something"
Felor watched him for a moment and then nodded. Jason quickly went towards the other end of the cellar, where stairs made out of dirt went down. The walls and ceiling were supported by wood. Soon he was in a hall, half of which was dirt held in place with wood in-between of the surviving stone walls and high columns. This place was once a temple of one of the countless gods, buried, forgotten. Until He came.
Jason could still remember how a few weeks ago he was called to a meeting, by one of his friends. There, in a small dark room, he first saw Him. Not only the poor people oft he slums gathered there, he saw two guards protecting him, but he could easily tell that their loyalties did not lie with the king. Even a few people from the more succesful parts of the city gathered here. He spoke. He told them of what he had seen. Jason did not know why, but His voice, His gaze, they troubled him. They troubled him, but he knew that he spoke the truth. He was afraid of Him, yet he knew that he needed Him. That's how he joined the Cult.
He looked around the hall, lit by a few candles. It was hard to believe that this place was buried but a few weeks ago, until they came and removed the dirt. Dark green banners were on the columns. They gathered here. In one corner, there was a stone door that survived the centuries of disrepair, veil blocking what was behidn it from his sight. Weak light was coming from the other side. Jason took a deep breath and stepped inside. In the small room, supported by columns and wood, burned a fire. And behind it, looking into the flame, was the man in a cloak, veiling his face. Terentian.
"Brother Jason. Why have you come?" he asked quietly, his eyes still locked on the fire. Jason hesitated for a second and then replied.
"I... I have seen a mage"
"A mage? King's servants are getting reckless"
Jason looked away and then said carefully:
"It... it was not an imperial mage. He attacked the guards who came to arrest him and knocked them out. He seems to have been more powerful then they were warned"
Terentian rose his gaze on Jason.
"A rogue mage? More powerful then expected..."
"I followed him, and found his hiding place"
"You followed a rogue mage who knocked out two elite guards? I bow before your bravery"
"Thank you"
"Now... Tell me how to find him"