The Hidden, Part I
Alagremm Pic 006 The Hidden, Part I
Made by Alagremm
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Upload date 12-17-2011
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The Hidden, Part I is the thirtieth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Alagremm's fifth picture for the new roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

Jason felt terrible. He walked the dark, soagy streets of the city slums, his home. Suddenly, he felt a drop of water on his cheek. Looking up at the grey sky, he felt disgust. The very weather was twisted in this kingdom. Some time ago they did have a day of sunshine though, but it seems to has been the eye of the storm, since the rains continued. They weren't the kind of rains Jason liked either. Not the strong quick ones, but the neverending weak rains. Yet again Jason thought that He was right, when He said that this land was dying.

He soon came out on a small square. As he walked, he noticed a man walking down the street, towards him. He then stopped and hid behind a cart. Two elite guards were approaching the man. From such a short distance he could easily hear what they were saying, over the sound of the rain.
"Stop" said one of the guards to the man. When he did the other made the next question.
"Your name is Sean?"
"Yes" said the man silently watching the guards.
"You are accused of crimes against the Crown and in links to the demons. Submit."
The man sighed, rose his hands and made a step forth with closed eyes. But as the guards reached out to put his hands in chains, he slammed his hands on their heads, covered with helmets. Jason closed his eyes, knowing that the man has no chance. And then, through his eaves he saw a bright flash, not different from a lightning. As he opened his eyes, the guards were lying on the ground motionlessly and the man was quickly fleeing. For a second Jason thought what to do, and then followed the man.