The Flames of the World
Wolfe Pic 001 The Flames of the World
Made by Wolfe
Daily Peon Picture № 9
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Upload date 12-06-2011
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The Kingdom of Falmir Has Fallen
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The Flames of the World is the ninth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Wolfe's first picture for the new roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

Never trust a human.

Of all the filthy things in this world, greenskins included, pinkies are the worst! They come in, prey on your insecurities and your desires, use you and then kill you. At least that’s what happened to my clan, or what’s left of it. What you see before you are the remnants of Varosh’gar River, a holy site for the Rothgar Clan. Once constant, gushing waters abound with yummies flowed through here, feeding the forest and my brothers and sisters. Until the pinkies came in and stole all the water, ‘course. They used their little voodoo tricks to suck it dry for a farming village nearby. Selfish little buggers di’nt ask the Rothgar what they wanted. Just came in, killed any greenskin in their way, and took what we held sacred. My clan now be scatter'd cross the swamps, divided and without hope.

It is dis kind of act that get clans angry! Heheheh… but the pinkies got another thing comin’ soon. The spirits, they don’t like the pinkies. They take too much and give too little. Spirits want what been stolen, and so do the Rothgar. So do thousands of greenskins. The spirits, ho, they listen very good too. We cry for a saviour. We cry for the one who can help us defend what is ours. Heheh, and da spirits, they’ve sent us omens. The greenskins will no longer take what comes at them. No, no – the pinkies won’t do that to us no more. Decades be passin’ and new hope has been born into da world! But, da spirits, dey be uncertain. Ancient storms be brewin’ on the horizon and shadows creep from da fires below! Night is fallen’, children!