The Departure
Legion King Pic 005 The Departure
Made by Legion King
Daily Peon Picture № 50
Member Picture № 5
Upload date 01-05-2012
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The Breeze of a New Opening
The Departure is the fiftieth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Legion King's fifth picture for the new roleplay.

It was formerly the fifty-fourth picture in the Daily Peon.

Picture descriptionEdit

Two weeks had passed, Andorias and Kornalas prepared themselves to leave to a Falmir outpost within the southern borders of Corinth to find any clues about greenskin activities or their clans and then leave again to the eastern continent of Radaghan. As the King found Andorias' search for artifacts something suspicious to his rank, he sent some of his royal guards to the ship to watch over both Andorias and Kornalas in their adventure.

The first destination is the Haedorin outpost, once only a village next to the Rocky Wastes, but turned into an outpost after the great war under Falmir's control.

As this journey begins, many things may threaten Andorias' success in his mission, as if the greenskins find out what he is looking for.


Aye, the waves under the ship screwed the whole terrain up...

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