The Darkness Beneath
Azsure Pic 005 The Darkness Beneath
Made by Azsure
Daily Peon Picture № 34
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Upload date 12-20-2011
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Beyond History

The Darkness Beneath is the thirty-fourth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Azsure's fifth picture for the new roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

"What is happening to me? I've already read this paragraphs before, but why just now am I having this strange feeling?"

(Takes the notes and looks at his bed)

"I feel like... if these notes were telling me something"

[May my pride never find out] "What was Thelorien's pride?"


Must be his son!

"But, why did he tried to prevent my father to find it? Besides, he described it as the darkness beneath where he always lay to find requiem"


"Darkness... beneath... where he always lay to find requiem"


Could it be?

(Moves his bed to a side and finds a small carpet)

"This carpet... I never wanted to take it away, because it was nailed on the floor, and I didn't wanted to damage it... but..."

(With all his strength he turns apart the carpet turning it into shreds)

(He sees there a small passage on the floor, and when opening it he discovers a chest inside)

What is... this?

(Sounds of hits on the door)

Helena: Is everything all right? Brother?

"Damn it!"