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The Dark Prophecy (Often called DP or The Daily Peon) is a social group Freeform Storytelling Roleplay on the Hive Workshop, with 14 members. It was created by Nichita_00 with the only purpose being having fun, with random pictures and random chats, but in 2009 a few users started a roleplay based on the Warcraft universe. It resulted in Nichita_00 being removed from his rank as maintainer of the group and hundreds of users being removed from the group. Alagremm became the maintainer of the group and he only allowed those who wanted to be part of the roleplay to stay. The roleplay lasted for several years, with some users leaving and new users joining during that time.

During 2011, it was decided by the users to restart the roleplaying, renaming the group to the Dark Prophecy, and an entire new world was created. However, this roleplay died out in time as well, and in the early january, it was requested that DP should have a third generation of roleplaying, based on the first one.

In The Daily Peon social group there are four discussion threads; The Daily Peon, The War, Daily Peon - Models, Inactive players and The Rules and Lore.

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