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The Daily Peon is a forever ongoing roleplay from the Hive Workshop - so far it have had two "generations" of unique roleplays, but a third is perhaps on it's way. The first generation was based on the Warcraft universe, following many new nations rising in the lands of Azeroth, and beyond, but the roleplay died out in time, and in 2011 it was decided to make an entirely new roleplay-generation, taking place in a new unique world, but that too died out in time. However, Amargaard have made a picture, that perhaps might be the start of a third generation of Daily Peon-roleplaying. The Daily Peon members play their roles in a special way, unique to the Daily Peon, by making terrain screenshots with the Warcraft III World Editor and adding a description to the pictures. Any member of the Daily Peon roleplay may help edit this wiki.

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