The Breeze of a New Opening
Azsure Pic 009 The Breeze of a New Opening
Made by Azsure
Daily Peon Picture № 49
Member Picture № 9
Upload date 01-03-2012
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Castle Gardens
The Departure
The Breeze of a New Opening is the forty-ninth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Azsure's ninth picture for the new roleplay.

It was formerly the fifty-third picture in the Daily Peon.

Picture descriptionEdit

(rainy weather from home)

"It has been days and I haven't received any news of him. I'm starting to get worried already, he wasn't even capable to tell me exactly his reason to go to the capital."

(looks out of the house from the window)

"I have never felt so alone for so long, I don't know what would become of me without my brother ... he's all what I have anymore ... But I know how much it affected him the departure of our father, I could see it on his look every time I mentioned it. "


Where are you ...?

(notes from afar a cloaked man approaching the house)


It's him!

(she quickly downs the stairs to open the door, realizing the man was already walking away, and noticed a letter on the door)

... "was just the messenger ..."

(again in the house, she opens it and begins to read it ...)

[My dear Helena, I am writing to let you know I'm fine and to not worry you anymore, but I must tell you now that it comes a time when everyone takes their own path. I've been waiting for over twenty years to find mine, and that time has finally come, I hope you find yours and that you ensure that our name may always prosper in future. Always remember to look with your head's held high and never doubt in yourself, and above all, listen to your heart.

I am left speechless now, I can only tell you now that, as your brother, I always loved you and that you will always be with me, just like I will be with you.

Your brother: Aurelios.]

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