To see the page of the secret group of mages, see the Black Sun.

The Black Sun
Alagremm Pic 009 The Black Sun
Made by Alagremm
Daily Peon Picture № 44
Member Picture № 9
Upload date 12-26-2011
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Past Unknowns

The Black Sun is the forty-fourth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Alagremm's ninth picture for the new roleplay.

It was formerly the forty-eighth picture in the Daily Peon.

Picture descriptionEdit

The men tied Terentian's eyes up, so that he could not see the location of their den. After walking some time, the blindfold was taken off. Terentian looked around. He was now in a small natural cave, lit by many candles. The older man left, saying only one thing:

"Sean, tell him all"
The mage looked at Terentian without much trust, but began talking nevertheless.
"Congratulations. You are now in the Black Sun"
"What are you?"
"Well... that's a long story. It began before the Great War. In those days mages were respected and free. There were many guilds in the different kingdoms. One of them was the Guild of Falmir. The king has asked for the help of the mages in the upcoming war in return for the riches of other guilds and rewards from him. When the war began the mages were the backbone of the military efforts. Thanks to the courage of the mages the war was won. The Guild became the greatest mage organisation in the world. The mages from the defeated guilds joined it and it was rich with the former possesions of other guilds. But as the king's powers grew so did his arrogance and paranoia. He recognized the power of the Guild and saw them as a possible enemy to his rule. One day he accused the mages of being demon worshippers and began a bloody witch hunt on them. The Guild was destroyed and most of its members killed. Some of the survivors fled and hid, but some cowards decided to swear loyalty to the king. He formed a new, secret guild concisting fully of those absolutely loyal to him and kills all the rest. Those who did not want to be the king's slaves and those who were not cowards to hide in the wilderness hid here and formed the Black Sun. We are the remnants of the Guild and what we want is revenge!"
Terentian looked around. This seemed to be the central room of the cave network and bundles of weaponry were lying near the walls. The banner of the Black Sun was on the wall, barely lit by the candle light.
"We remain here, we gather the young mages before the king's lapdogs can capture them, we wait for the day when we can rise and avenge our fallen brothers!"
"Justice is what we all crave. But vengeance can blind our judging and sences"
"Speak for yourself"
Terentian looked down at the books in the center of the room. These people, hiding underground, their minds clouded by the wish for vengeance were dangerous. Not only to the king and his servants. And even though access to tomes of the arcane, that cannot be found anywhere else in this world except the Falmir Keep, was tempting, he had little wish to remain in this den of hate.

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