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To see the picture by Alagremm named The Black Sun, see The Black Sun (Picture).

The Black Sun is a secret group of mages, from the Falmir Capital City. It came to existance long after the Great War in which the Guild of Falmir aided King Alexander Baraden in battles. After he had won the war and the Kingdom of Falmir had gotten ultimate control of Corinth, he realised the power of the Guild and was afraid of a possible betrayal. To eliminate the threat to his rule, he proclaimed the mages to be possesed demon-worshippers, as an excuse to destroy the Guild and kill the majority of its members. The few who swore loyalty to him, remained in his kingdom as his loyal servants, and the rest fled. Some of those who fled, founded the Black Sun, operating secretly beneath the Capital City to find a way to get revenge on the king.

Members of the Black SunEdit