Terentian Unbound
Alagremm Pic 005 Terentian Unbound
Made by Alagremm
Daily Peon Picture № 14
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Upload date 12-08-2011
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Terentian Unbound is the fourteenth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Alagremm's fifth picture for the new roleplay.

It was formerly the sixteenth picture in the Daily Peon.

Picture descriptionEdit

In a few days two guards came to cell, below the palace. Daran, the older of the two opened the door and saw the prisoner sitting on the floor in frotn of him, looking at the wall before him.

Daran: Your days are over warlock. It is the time.
Terentian slowly stood up and looked at him with contempt. As Daran walked put chains on him, the other guard, Felor, only a few years younger, came into the cell and stopped in shock. It wasn't unusual for their prisoners to draw on walls... but it was not what he could has expected. The walls were covered in strange drawings, depicting things he could not recognize, a mysterious writing, all around him. He felt the chills, the darkness in the corners of the room creeped, as the lamp in the corridor was shaking.
Felor came out and followed Daran. The prisoner was following them. Daran was holding the chain. The younger guard felt uncomfortable, feeling the gaze of the prisoner.
Suddenly they heard the loud metallic sound, that echoed in the long dark corridor. They stopped and turned behind. The prisoner stood in front of them. The cuffs and chains were lying below him on the floor, as he watched the guards silently.
Felor turned to Daran in panic. Those cuffs were specially made for mages, to keep their powers down. The very stones of this place sucked the powers out of any man.
Daran looked perhaps even more panicked. There was no explanation to what happened. The cuffs were made by the best smiths, even the greatest of thieves or assasins would need hours to open it.
"I need to get out", the prisoner said, still watching the guards.
Daran's arms shaked in horror, but the voice... that voice. And the eyes that were watching him. Something about it made him want to do it.
"I have no time for this. Where is the exit?"
"Further in this corridor, to the left there is the support tunnel. If you go there, you will find an old escape tunnel made fo the kings. You can escape through it", Daran said with haste.
Terentian watched the two for a moment and then went between them with no fear, to the end of the tunnel.
"You will come with me. We have much work to do"