Silly Lil Ant Pic 003
Silly Lil Ant Pic 003
Made by Silly Lil Ant
Daily Peon Picture № 46
Member Picture № 3
Upload date 12-29-2011
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Silly Lil Ant Pic 003 is the forty-sixth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Silly Lil Ant's third picture for the new roleplay.

It was formerly the fiftieth picture in the Daily Peon.

Picture descriptionEdit

Dear Diary,

I know it has been a long time since I have written in here but I've just not had the time. Producing a report every couple of weeks along with all these jobs the Lord Commander has got me doing. He got me finding new recruits for the Black Hawks. You would have thought that job was easy. Oh no, it is very difficult. There are so many people wanting to join. I have to test them all! Most are useless and I have told them to await further notice, but there are a few brilliant ones. For instance Jack Wood. He is older than the others who tried out. Probably in his late 20s, the others are these eighteen years old boys that can barely hold a sword. He insists on wearing this red armour. To tell you the truth it does look quite good. I recruited him and he is now in my group. He will make a good Soldier one day.

That isn't all I wanted to mention. I have noticed that Sean is spending more and more time in the Black Sun hideout. I am sure it is nothing but I find that to be slightly suspicious. There is probably a reason. Though He has been neglecting to send his reports to Avria. Anyway I must rest now, I need to take Jack and the other recruits to the training grounds in a week. This means leaving the city for a few weeks. I have to get some things done first, such as getting Harri to watch out for Sean. Harri knows our secret, so I can trust her. Right that is it, until a few weeks.

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