Title(s) the Dwarf
Race Dwarf
Faction Protectorate (Formerly)
Status Unknown
Location Unknown

Screen is a dwarf inhabitant of Dio Para, and daily guest at Gyro's. He has a habit of getting captured.


The original Daily PeonEdit

Screen was an ordinary Kul Tiras gunner who entered the battle of Orgrimmar with Belgrom's Choppas. During the war, he was sucked into one of Drek'thar's Weed Portals and ended up on Argus along with [[Peon Amargaard and a few others. They were soon captured by the hippie shaman Sen'jequib Fireweed and brought to Mac'aree. Screen joined the Protectorate in it's war against the Burning Legion.

The new Daily PeonEdit

Screen arrived in Dio Para, and quickly became a regular customer at Gyro's bar, until the day he was captured...

Appearance and personalityEdit

Screen has long white beard, and wears a hood and cape with the Protectorate's teal color. He always carries his gun around. 

Screen is always kind and happy, but very naive as well. He is often drunk, and finds good company at places such as Gyro's.

Screen's biggest talent is being caught.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Screen was made up after someone pointed out the "Screen captured" was still visible on one of Amargaard's old pictures, and have continued being a running joke in the small Daily Peon community. 

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