Salira de Moone, The Dark Child
Wolfe Pic 003 Salira de Moone, The Dark Child
Made by Wolfe
Daily Peon Picture № 28
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Upload date 12-12-2011
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Salira de Moone, The Dark Child was the twenty-eighth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It was Wolfe's third picture for the new roleplay.

The picture was eventually removed from the Daily Peon.

Picture descriptionEdit

I first met Grelkin of Rothgar on the Day of Embers, when stray greenskins began torching villages in the Northern Glades. It was a mesmerizing summer day, the type of day where you'd never expect a horde of savages to destroy everything you held dear to you. All I had left was my mother, one of the strongest women you will ever meet. They called her the Wolf of the North, commander of the Winterglade Hunters and knighted warrior of the king. She was the violent tide that washed away the greenskin hordes from the mountains and back into the dens they deserved to rot in. However, her duty mattered more than her family, and so I was always just a burden to her.

We stood at the site of a massacre. The fault of greenskins, no doubt. But as my mother pointed out, this was no random slaughter. It was ritualistic. At the time, greenskins were considered purely savage. There was no knowledge of their belief system or better yet their society. I suppose with a race so feral and untamed you could not properly study their ways. Mother and her hunters were investigating the strange totem left in a mass of bodies. Bored, I went on a stroll. This is where I met the greenskin. I had never actually met a greenskin, or seen one in fact. I expected them to be bigger and... less dressed. Grelkin did not appear to be as primitive as mother had explained to me. He was adorn in a fur shawl and a pointed red hat, stringing along a quiver of various herbs and a belt full of potions. Our encounter was fruitful. He spoke for hours and he surprised me in many ways. Ultimately, he offered to take me with him, to seek out what he referred to as ‘salvation’. I had no reason to stay with mother and I had not had any adventures. I had only left my village a few times and I wanted to see the world and know more about it, like the greenskins. When I explained my reasoning for this, he smiled, revealing razor-sharp teeth and said I was part of a message, calling me the Dark Child.