PROXY Pic 001 Rise
Made by PROXY
Daily Peon Picture № 33
Member Picture № 1
Upload date 12-19-2011
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The Hidden, Part II
The Darkness Beneath

Rise is the thirty-third picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is PROXY's first picture for the roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

The moon was hiding behind the clouds and no stars were shining in the sky. Grazil snowflakes sailed down to the earth. Everything seemed so peacefully. But one thing, one little, dark place destroyed the harmony in these frozen wastelands. A statue, of a terrifiying demon, whose name nobody wanted to know. Everybody avoided this place if he could, it was full of dark magic and bad energies.

In this lonely and cold night, a person fully cloaked in black clothes was kneeing in front of the statue. Songs in long forgotten languages flew through the wind, whispers.

"You will not be forgotten, brother..."

The sharp and killing sound of this voice cut through the air and made the melodies silent, even if it was only a slight breath.

"You will not be forgotten..."

Then the person in black stood up and went away. She left no footsteps behind.