Report 102
Silly Lil Ant Pic 004 Report 102
Made by Silly Lil Ant
Daily Peon Picture № 56
Member Picture № 4
Upload date 01-14-2012
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The Seekers of Justice

Report 102 is the fifty-sixth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Silly Lil Ant's fourth picture for the new roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

Harriet Hammerwood. What a creature. There aren't enough words I could use to describe this Woman. She is a master at everything and I mean everything. Harri once managed to fire three arrows at three different targets hitting the centre all at the same time, while running a race which she won. She is definitely a fine specimen, but a past report has discussed that already.

Harriet is the only one I truly trust in this city apart from Sean. Though this is why I have come to her. This is the conversation we had. I felt it was worth putting in the Archives.

Harriet: Ah! Adonis, to what do I owe the pleasure?

Adonis: My brother...

Harriet: Sean? Why would you need to talk to me about him?

Adonis: That is a long story but I am sure you already know.

Harriet: Am I that transparent?

Adonis: No, I just know you well enough to know you have eyes everywhere.

Harriet: Well I'm not part of the Talon company for no reason, and nor you for being the leader. However, I am unsure of what you want me to do about Sean? Surely not to 'dispose' of him?

Adonis:What? No! I could never wish the death of a brother. I just require you to watch him and contact me if something happens. There is something going on in the Black Sun. I can feel it. I just don't want him getting killed by others of the Black Hawks.

Harriet: I understand. You should probably go. It is late and it is a long ride to Greenwood so you will likely need some rest.

Adonis: That it is. Well until my return

With that I left. Now this is my last report before I head off to train the new recruits. I shall send another upon my arrival. Hopefully the trip won't be too much of a waste.

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