Alagremm Pic 003 Redemption
Made by Alagremm
Daily Peon Picture № 7
Member Picture № 3
Upload date 12-05-2011
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The Kingdom of Falmir Has Fallen

Redemption is the seventh picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Alagremm's third picture for the new roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

They brought me deep into the bowels of the castle. There, in the darkness of one of the rooms, I was tortured. Smoldering iron, knives...

The man torturing me, when finished with one of the tortures, went to the bookshelf and took another one of his books. He then returned to me, and while I was trying not to lose conscience he read to me a part of the text.
"...but of all the demons, beware most of the greatest one - the fallen human soul. For those who gave their lives to the darkness, are the most dangerous and treacherous, for from within the human soul the demons' powers stem"
With those words, he put a smoldering piece of iron on my leg. When my screams ended, he put the book back on the shelf. I did not know what was the point of this torture, for he asked me no questions.
"You demon-worshipping scum will pay for everything until you are given death" he said with a disturbingly warm smile.
I laid my head down and my merciful mind lost conscience.