Azsure Pic 011 Purpose
Made by Azsure
Daily Peon Picture № 55
Member Picture № 11
Upload date 01-10-2012
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Purpose is the fifty-fifth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Azsure's eleventh picture for the new roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

"We've been walking at night for hours, I'm starting to get scared already, but I have no choice but to follow this man"


"Also, he haven't said any single word since we started to move, he didn't even asked me my name, who IS this man?!"

"This place... I cannot recognize any of the places we've passed through already.."

(He stops then in front of a door)

"Is this, the place he wanted to take me to? Where IS this place?"

(The man get's inside first, making a sign to her to get in too. Inside there were only a few rooms and a stairway going down, the place was dark as the sky with a few candles and torches, like if it was a dungeon)

(Once they went downstairs, the man makes the first step forward as they noticed a woman inside the room)

-All clear in the southeast, Ophelia. Witnesses were all slain.

(Ophelia has a voice as soft as the feathers of an eagle)

-Ophelia: Felix, do I have to understand this as a break to our strict rules? You know very well that we don't let anyone alive who knows about us.

-(She turns the head towards them)

-Ophelia: I could easily see you now as a betrayer for breaking our rules and taking a witness with you into our hiding spot, and kill you both.


-Ophelia: Or do I have to see that you're actually planning to use this girl, to help us in our common purpose?

-Felix: Yes.


-(She closes her eyes)

-Ophelia: ... Very well, we'll discuss this with the rest in a few days at the monthly gathering, I hope that you know what you're doing.

(He leaves back upstairs, Helena follows him too)

"What is going on in here!? I'm completely confused, common purpose?"

"I... I will ask him..."


-Felix: I must warn you now before we proceed. Be careful with Ophelia, she may look quite stable, but once she sees blood, she's an insane monster who won't repent to kill anyone, not even her own partners.


-Felix: In a few days we'll go to our monthly gathering spot to meet the rest of us, I will explain you everything in there, tonight we'll rest here, and tomorrow we'll start moving again to arrive at the gathering spot in around three days.


"...I'm no longer owner of my fate now, I can only hope to it to smile upon my path. If I stay alive from now one, would be only to see my brother come back home safe..."

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