Past Unknowns
Azsure Pic 008 Past Unknowns
Made by Azsure
Daily Peon Picture № 43
Member Picture № 8
Upload date 12-26-2011
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The Hidden, Part III
The Black Sun
Past Unknowns is the forty-third picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Azsure's eighth picture for the new roleplay.

It was formerly the forty-seventh picture in the Daily Peon.

Picture descriptionEdit

"Helena took my leaving more calmed than what I expected, looks like she's ready to take care of herself from now on..."

"Anyhow, to travel here only for this..."

(Looks at the door)

"This must be the place"

(Without wasting time, he searchs for the highest amount of books possible about the greenskins or anything that may get his attention)

(After a few hours...)

"Nothing... nothing... NOTHING!!"

(Keeps searching in more detail)

"Damn it!"

"...I guess I have no choice more than asking..."


(Walks through the corridors)

"That must be the owner"

(Get's closer)

-May I help you?

(I won't be fooling around..)

Yes, this is the biggest library in all Falmir, and I'm completely sure that here are the diaries and lost notes of the old war veterans from the previous decades.

-You're completely right, but those notes are priceless relics, and I personaly don't allow them to being read by public.

"As I suspected"

I guess you haven't heard about me, but I'm sure you have heard about my father...

(Puts the hand into his robe)

-I'm sorry, but I won't accept any amount of money to allow you read them...

Oh, who said I was talking about money?

(Takes out his hand revealing the silver mandala hidden in his robe)

-This is... the mandala of the Wolfang Family! You... you are the son of the former general Kormu!?

"Hehe, guess this <legacy> isn't that bad after all"

Yes, and I'm feeling quite generous right now to allow you add it to your relic collection, if you of course, let me check those notes. It is very important for me at these moments.

-I would have to be insane to reject such offer, your father was a very respected person and known by all Falmir, his men would had followed him until the end of times!

"Yeah yeah..."

Great, show me the notes then...

-Of course, follow me.

(In a subterranean room hidden behind the old man's table, filled with old books and papers, that seemed like they weren't checked for ages)

-Here you may probably find whatever you're looking for.


I appreciate it...


(After several hours reading many old diaries and maps...)

"Many of these letters and diaries only talk about battle anecdotes and some other foolishness, non of which I'm interested..."


"Hmm, this looks quite interesting. Apparently, this warchief Raidnos fought against three different greenskin clans, and drew each symbol into his diary..."

"Such interesting symbols I..." wait


"This claw spilled with blood... I saw this symbol into one of the book's pages!!"


"Now I have the feeling that this book comes from that clan, and that they probably know it's meaning... if they weren't slaughtered already..."

"... still, it is a risk I will have to take.."

"Then it comes this sym..."

... ...

Seems like there are now two places where I'm going now...

(Presses the fist)

"I will probably need a map, and this symbols..."

(Draws the symbols into a paper and takes it)

(Goes back upstairs)

Would you mind if I take this map of Corinth with me?

-Go ahead, I have plenty of those anyway.


(Throws him the mandala like if it was a coin)

-(Grabs the mandala)

-H-hey, you haven't told me your name yet...

So didn't you, I don't introduce myself to strangers.


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