PROXY is a superlative megaawesome picture generator of the Daily Peon group, which is quite known in the skills of terraining and modelling. He often posts very much pics after each other as he just can't wait for the next to be uploaded. He contributes as much as he can to the group, makes models for them who need them and tries to make useful comments on other ones pics, though he wasn't able to say anything constructive so far, as he was to slow.

If anyone wants a model or something, contact him on THW. It is shure that he will answer you, he may however not have time to fullfill your request (but that won't happen most likely).

  • Chapter IGo to Rise
  • Chapter IIGo to Thirst
  • Chapter IIIGo to Massacre at Whitehorn
  • Chapter IVGo to Return

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