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The Northern Glades are the cold and mountainy region in the north of Corinth. They concist of the northern icy wastes and the huge dark forests.

Before the Great War, the Northern Glades were scarcely populated, but two human kingdoms were present. There was also a considerable Greenskin population. However the kingdoms were annihilated in the Great War. By the time of their destruction, Falmir controlled the rest of Corinth and had no trouble devastating them. The towns destroyed, the people killed, survivors moved away from the north to the richer regions in the heart of the kingdom.

The Northern Glades are cold and unhospitable and are separated from the rest of Corinth by the Forlorn Marshes. Due to these factors, Falmir was not interested in rebuilding these lands. Today, the only human presence in Northern Glades are the Falmirian outposts and the rare settlements next to a few of them. The Greenskins were fast to take the lands humans left.