New Beginning
VeljkoM Pic 001 New Beginning
Made by VeljkoM
Daily Peon Picture № 2
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Upload date 11-28-2011
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New Beginning is the second picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is VeljkoM's first for the new roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

The lands of Falmir Kingdom stretches across the known world, from Northern Glades to Sea of Storm... I had many enemies challenging my power and I would always prevail. The world is at my knees, I own all, I rule all. There is nothing I do not have, there is nothing I must fear. And yet, there wasn't a day I didn't think of death. I think of it even now. I, King Alexander Baraden, am the last of my line...

Father Gregory: My King it is normal for any man to fear death but there is nothing it can be done. It is the will of Creator.
King: I am not like any ordinary man! I am the King!
Adrian Thorwind: King or not you are still human. You must now remarry and get new Queen to gave birth to the child...
King: I could never do that to my love, I will never be unfaithful to her.
Darius Lanster: Pardon me but there might be a way to cheat death.
Father Gregory: Such speech is heretical ad insult to the Creator!
King: Let my Right Hand speak.
Darius Lanster: The answer might lie in the legacy of ancient ones. I have reason to believe that there are still long forgotten archives in ruins left by ancient people.
Adrian Thorwind: Fairy tales and nothing more. If ancients knew the secrets of eternal life then how come they are long gone?
Darius Lanster: There could be many reasons, I myself am not mystic to see far in the past and satisfy you curiosity.
King: You have my blessing to investigate these myths even though for now they sound more like old man wishes. Till then Falmir comes first. You may leave now...