Race Human
Faction Triumvirate (Formerly), Starseekers
Status Alive
Location Dio Para

Med'al (Formerly known as Alagremm) is the human leader of the Starseekers, in charge of the imprisoned villains of Dio Para.


The orinial Daily PeonEdit

Med'al was Triumvirate leader Alagremm's right hand (Next to Tleno), and was the founder and leader of the Starseekers, the sorcerers in charge of keeping Arauk-Nashal imprisoned...

The new Daily PeonEdit

Med'al and the Starseekers keeps their old job, being in charge of Dio Para's villains in the underground caverns, where only important people may enter...

Appearance and personalityEdit

Med'al always wears a brown cape and broad hood, and a long black staff, topped with a magical green gem.

Med'al is wise, and takes his job very seriously. 

Med'al is a skilled magician.

Trivia and notesEdit

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