Massacre at Whitehorn
PROXY Pic 003 Massacre at Whitehorn
Made by PROXY
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Upload date 12-21-2011
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Massacre at Whitehorn is the thirty-eighth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is PROXY's third picture for the roleplay.

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The massacre at Whitehorn, people should speak about it even after twenty years have passed.

Whitehorn itself was a friendly and peaceful village, that never needed much guards anyway. But the whole peace and "love" in this city fast guided bandits the way to Whitehorn. So it came one day, that a group of thieves and bandits came to Whitehorn and nearly burned it down to the ground.
I and my brother where in the near of them, we were travelling to the falmir capital. As we saw the bandits, we slayed them all and saved what we could. But guess what the justice decided? They blamed us for it! We, who saved their village. They killed my brother, and sent me alone, me, a little girl with 17 years, into the wild.