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The Throne Room in the Falmir Keep.

The Kingdom of Falmir is the biggest and last remaining human kingdom in Corinth. It is led by King Alexander Baraden, who is also the one who succeeded in wiping out all the other human kingdoms during the Great War.

The Great WarEdit

Until the reign of Alexander, Falmir was limited to the identically named peninsula. However, he saw that though his kingdom is small, the bigger kingdoms keep quarreling with each other and Falmir is in a strategic location. Alexander believed his people to be the purest and most noble of all the humans and so he began a war on the kingdom next to him. In a quick war Falmir captured the kingdom and made it part of itself. Nobody else took part in the conflict because of the lack of mutual trust. With the newly gained lands, Falmir proceeded to capture the other kingdoms close to it, getting bigger and stronger. After the first few years Alexander decided that it's time and announced war on all other kingdoms. The remaining kingdoms quickly started forging an alliance, but it was too late - Falmir had become too strong. The war lasted for years and Falmir has devastated the human kingdoms of Corinth. The kingdoms of the Northern Glades were last to fall due to their geographical location.

Recent eventsEdit

Over the years the Kingdom of Falmir had come to strenghten it's grip over Corinth, the only locations not of interest to it being the Northern Glades. Though the kingdom has reached the highest states of stability and peace, the kingdom is at the verge of chaos, since there is no heir to the throne. However the kingdom remains strong as ever, even though separatist groups are sprouting all across the land.