Humble Beginnings
Wolfe Pic 002 Humble Beginnings
Made by Wolfe
Daily Peon Picture № 13
Member Picture № 2
Upload date 12-07-2011
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A New Sight Of An Old Spot
A new beguining...take two!

Humble Beginnings is the thirteenth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Wolfe's second picture for the new roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

I s'pose I should introduce maself to yews. My name be Grelkin, chief shaman of da Rothgar. I live on a branch of da Varosh'gar in a small hut where I grow all kinds of shroomies. As the chief shaman, ma job is to look after da clan's spiritual needs. I communicate with the spirits ev'ry day 'n hold great firedays at the start of da week.

Der I am, picking some shroomies for my neighbour and best friend, Dagren. Dagren is a very special orc. He can't think for himself n' has da mind of a child. But he has some'din dat the rest don't have. He is one of da best shots in da clan, and he is respected as a great hunter, bringing us great meat from da dangerous swamps. He also lives wif two ag'rashe, ogre wolves. Ugly lil things, but ferocious.

I love ma clan, and dey all respect me for who I am even 'tho I am a gob. But it shames me ta say dat I can no longer stay with them. Da pinkies, dey occupy the main settlement (which ya can see in da background right der) and da spirits are tellin' me ta leave. In ma dreams, dey tell me:

"To follow what once flowed, into the valley of men. There you will find your first clue to the salvation of your people."

So I must leave, to follow da river into the pinkies lands. To find whatever will save ma people!