Home Sweet Home
The Weird Human Pic 006 Home Sweet Home
Made by The Weird Human
Daily Peon Picture № 40
Member Picture № 6
Upload date 12-23-2011
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The Farewell

Home Sweet Home is the fortieth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is The Weird Human's sixth picture for the new roleplay.

It was formerly the forty-fourth picture in the Daily Peon.

Picture descriptionEdit

My flashbacks were delayed as i awoke from my nightmare, to see myself surrounded by flashing lights, metallic cylinders and other contraptions i cannot describe.

That could only mean one thing, i was back home....

This is the house of Emmett Lathrop. He was once a wine maker, he used to make different ways to conduct the best wine, but his interest to this worthless contraptions changed him differently. Some of his works were helpful, he tried to convince the townsfolk to use his inventions but the higher power ignored them and thought to be accused as witchcraft. Emmett was banished from any village and was forced to live in this cave. He spent his life creating inventions that would be useful someday.

I went up to stairs to see if the Emmett was were.... and he was.

???: Emmett is that you?

Emmett: That is Mr. Emmett Lathrop to....ohh its you. Iam glad youre awake.

???: Where did you last found me?

Emmett: My boy i found you on the street lying almost dead, you were lucky that there were any Falmir Guards on patrol that night, but enough about that, youve been drinking now havent ya? Whats this all about?

???: Nothin..... its just had a few flashbacks....

Emmett: Flashbacks you say? About what exactly?

???: Something about the........ ah yes the great war thats it........and the loss of my family.....

Emmett: Oh iam truly sorry i made you recall that awful piece of history. Anyways ive finished fixing your musket.

???: Musk-what?

Emmett: Forget it, ill keep it in my hands for some time, they might think youre a lunatic for carrying a wonderful piece of art like this.

???: I must thank you for saving me-

Emmett: Enough with the thanks, get some rest, tommorow ii'll show you my latest creation.

???: No, not another one of your lame inventions, please.....ZzzzzZz....

Emmett: Heh.... my boy this aint like the rest of my works.....

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