Hands of Doubts
Azsure Pic 010 Hands of Doubts
Made by Azsure
Daily Peon Picture № 54
Member Picture № 10
Upload date 01-07-2012
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The First Step Upon the Arrival

Hands of Doubts is the fifty-fourth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Azsure's tenth picture for the new roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

(At the town's streets at night)

"Was it my fault? Could I stop this with a single word?"

-Helena: ...

"Now that he's gone it takes me longer also to do all his work with mine and buying the stuffs while I sell the dresses, all at the same time"

"Now what will it be for me? I'm all alone now, I'm not even sure by now if I have a reason to keep going..."

(in the middle of the night from nowhere, an armored man comes behind her like a shadow)

(as she hears the steps coming closer, she turns around and notices the man)

-Helena: !!!

-Hello lady, why don't you let me escort you to your home? Hehehe, we could have so much fun after.

(without any sign, she runs away as fast as she can)

-Come over bitch! No one refuses me! ye hear me!?

Helena: ...

(after a minute running into the middle of the night)

-Helena: *pant*

-You tired already beauty? Oh but the real fun has only just begun!

(he looks at her with a creepy grin on his face)

(she keeps stepping back as he keeps getting closer)

(the young blonde woman fears for her life, even though she doesn't care anymore, the reflects of self-protection never left her)

(she then stumbles with a misterious grey-armored man, and without thinking it, she hides behind him)

-Hey buddy! I found her first, don't screw the fun and scram!

(the misterious man looks at her and then looks at the man who was chasing her, and then he starts to come closer to him)

-Die! (the stalker said, attacking with his axe)

(the man stops him by holding his arm, and in a flash of miliseconds he turns around and pierces his back with his sword.

(the stalker couldn't scream as his lungs were pierced, he only let out a moan spitting blood from his mouth, and fell down in the ground, with his life finished)

-Helena: Merciful Gods!!! (She screamed as she saw all happening in front of her)

(the man remained silent for a few seconds, as he was staring at her with doubts inside his eyes)

-You're coming with me.

(she couldn't think at any second while all this was happening, and without any doubt, she followed him, while she started to realise the situation again)

-Helena: ...

"This man, what... just.. happened?"

"Where is he... taking me?"

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