Amargaard Pic 002 Freed
Made by Amargaard
Daily Peon Picture № 47
Member Picture № 2
Upload date 12-29-2011
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Castle Gardens

Freed is the forty-seventh picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Amargaard's second picture for the new roleplay.

It was formerly the fifty-first picture in the Daily Peon.

Picture descriptionEdit

I have been at this place for a month now, sleeping in a cell, with little food and that cursed drink that gives me headache and weakens my muscles. I am forced to work from dawn 'till the sun goes down each day, carrying this heavy cart, chained to my wrists, for a dozen miles through the huge Dren Plantation. The pinkskin workers fills up the carts with yellow flowers - I think they are called "Thannalis flowers", but I don't understand much what they are talking about. The Krokun Clan, which I come from, was one of those clans who kept the original greenskin language almost entirely, not like the other clans who speak some weird mix between the original language and the pinkie's language.

One day, like all the others, when it was getting near the end of the day's work. I was at the far end of the plantation, where the swampy terrain of the Lowlands can be seen just on the other side of the fences, when a familiar silhouette appeared. Uncle Rekkan, who had cowardly fled earlier when we were attacked by the falmirian patrol. He had an Ag'rashe wolf at his side. He got over the fence, with the wolf following. The pinkies were frightened by the sudden appearance of my friend, and one of the workers ran away. The only guard was assaulted by the Ag'rashe, who quickly killed him with one bite in the neck. Uncle Rekkan wasn't paying attention to the pinkies, he hurried towards me, as fast as his old legs could carry him. He whispered some strange words, and a green flame bursted from his hands, melting the chains. His Ag'rashe had meanwhile used the time to kill two more of the workers, and was now standing few meters from the two remaining workers, growling and readying to attack them. The workers were standing close to each other, with fear in their eyes, their faces wet from sweat and with their puny tools pointed towards the beast. Rekkan didn't look me in the eyes one moment, but pushed me towards the fence without a word. I was tired and the brew's effect was still not gone.

"Drakka!" Rekkan yelled, and continued into the dark swamps. The wolf immediately stopped it's grumbling and turned around to follow me and Rekkan. I was finally free from slavery!

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