Forever Hunted
Amargaard Pic 001 Forever Hunted
Made by Amargaard
Daily Peon Picture № 23
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Upload date 12-11-2011
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Forever Hunted is the twenty-third picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Amargaard's first picture for the new roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

A month ago, my father, the leader of the clan, decided for us to try the dangerous journey to the cold lands in the far north. Rumored to be the only place on the continent where one could feel safe from the Falmirian Kingdom. But as we feared we were discovered during our travels through the Falmirian Lowlands, and we ran from the humans until my father decided to stay behind and give us the time to escape.

We left my father behind and fled successfully. We just destroyed a bridge and we might be safe for some time now. However, I only have my Uncle Rekkan and a few men left in the clan, so our odds don't look good at all. Oh and sorry for not introducing myself, I am Am'ar of the Krokun Clan.