Dio Para

The view of Dio Para, seen from Tleno's balcony.

Dio Para is a city of many mixed cultures, built in a large underground dome in the personal realm of the Master Peon. It is built on the shores all around a lake with an island in the middle, which holds a short mountain with the Master Peon's face carved into the rocks. Dio Para is the location where many characters from the orginal Daily Peon are teleported to. Tleno takes care of all newcomers and either introduce them to the city, or in case of a villain arriving, send them to the underground tunnels and caverns below the city, where Med'al and the Starseekers are keeping all the imprisoned villains under control. Those forbidden caverns, guarded from unauthorized people by Fairfield, also houses the dark sewers, where most members of the Sea Legion live, with Misha taking care of the sewer station and Am'ar's former dragon Pyrie. Dio Para's most reputed restaurent and bar is Gyro's, which is maintained by Gyrosphinx.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • One picture by Amargaard was also named "Dio Para".
  • The origin of the name Dio Para is the two letters D & P, used in "the Daily Peon" and in "the Dark Prophecy". Dio is inspired by Trolman's favourite musician, and Para is shortened from paradise. 

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