Chapter I - The King's Orders
Blood Raven Pic 001 Chapter I - The King's Orders
Made by Blood Raven
Daily Peon Picture № 42
Member Picture № 1
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Massacre at Whitehorn

Chapter I - The King's Orders was the forty-second picture in the Daily Peon social group. It was Blood Raven's first picture for the new roleplay.

The picture was eventually removed from the Daily Peon.

Picture descriptionEdit

As i am the best alchemist in the Falmir City, the King ordered me to make an elixir of life, so he can life forever. I still think it's a crazy order, because i don' think that such elixir could even exist, every creature on this world has it's time to die. But he wouldn't listen. He said if i don't have the elixir in one month, he will have my head.

But still, i will have to do that elixir, or die, so i went in my quarters and started adding blindly some ingredients and mixed some bullshits, that didn't made anything. I mixed an eye of a giant rat, a purple seaweed, a ear from a greenskin and a... well, you don't want to know... and when i tested it it worked! But not as i thought. i went invisible for some time. That recipe could be useful indeed and i wrote the recipe. But still i needed to find that elixir of life recipe or the king will have my head...

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