• Amargaard

    Amargaard's Blog Post

    January 4, 2012 by Amargaard

    Yo dawgs, I create this blog post for future purposes. You might never know if you'll need a place to write some mumbo jumbo, and for testing how different stuff on the wiki works.

    This place is for testing new features, that I plan to include on this wiki in the future..

    Below, I will make a list of known, as well as unknown, words and sentences in the greenskin language.

    Known sentences and words:

    • "Ag'rashe" = "Ogre Wolf".

    Unknown sentences and words:

    • "Al'gir lokas fald'inar", by the Khan's helm in Pic 003.
    • "Rath'ir eldor manare az'jal!", by the Khan's helm in Pic 019.
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  • Azsure

    Your Opinion Here.

    January 4, 2012 by Azsure

    Yeah, so. I decided to make this just for fun, although I doubt someone would care enough on checking this blog, buut, if you do, I got this topic for you.

    Now, what do you think that will happen with Aurelios after? feel free to tell me your opinion c:

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  • Silly Lil Ant

    Blogged up in Jelly

    December 28, 2011 by Silly Lil Ant

    So there is a Blog part to this Wiki... Am has picked a good place for this new Wiki. This means that I can ramble about all the things I ramble about without creating another ramble page! Everyone will be so happy! Anyway this is enough from me for now. Here have a distracting video:

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  • VeljkoM

    Vulrakar future update

    December 22, 2011 by VeljkoM

    Here I'll store Vulrakar lore untill I gather it all and am 100% sure.

    Vulrakar populate most of Radaghan with exception of Whispering Mountains where avians live. Vulrakar never had any form of union and have been snce they remember broken in numerous clans whose number changes constantly. What is unique for vulrakar is the sence of pack. One vulrakar can't stand to be far away from others thus the original tribes were formed.

    Almost all gnolls are members of tribes. Tribes are generaly rulled by Chieftains who either exibit extraordinary streght and cunning and the title is not heritable even though sons are allowed like rest of vulrakar to chalange the current Chiftains. Of course it is possible for a vulrakar to start his own tribe if he…

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