Beyond History
Azsure Pic 006 Beyond History
Made by Azsure
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Upload date 12-20-2011
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The Darkness Beneath
Beyond History is the thirty-fifth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Azsure's sixth picture for the new roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

(Quickly puts his bed back to it's place and hides the chest)

(Opens the door)


Helena: What... were you doing just before? I heard some noises coming from your room.

"Do not stutter"

Oh, that might be the bed when I was moving it, I was cleaning under it.

Helena: Oh, well that's odd. You don't usually do cleaning.

"She's starting to piss me of..."

Well, that's true I admit it, but I just realised now how important is to have your bedroom cleaned, after all, [People is as ordained as it is his own room].

Helena: Oh well, you're right, in that case I'm glad that you finally realised it.

"Are you saying I am not ordained?"


Helena: Anyway, I guess I will start making the dinner now with the stuffs you bought.

All right then, I'll go downstairs to help you with it in some minutes.

Helena: Thank you.


*Sigh* "What a relief, she didn't saw the carpet's pieces on the floor"

(Goes back and takes the chest on his hands)

"Seems it's locked. Still, what in the name of the gods was This doing under my bed?! Also, this lock is very strange, it is nothing like I had seen before, what kind of key would open this?"


"Wait, could it be? his amulet?"

(Goes back to the bookshelf and opens the third drawer, there he takes out a hand bone)

"This hand, he said it was a greenskin's hand, but it doesn't look more different than a human's hand... Though... it's fingers, they seem like they were modified"

(Takes the hand and the chest)

"I think this is the finger..."

(Surprisingly, it fitted and opened the chest)

(Inside the chest he found a book)

Again, what is... This?!


(Opens the book and starts inspecting it from inside and outside)

"All these letters... it is totally unreadable, I can't understand a single word... it doesn't even look like it was made by a human..."


"Does this book... contains magic? The thing that people fears so much?"

(Keeps inspecting the pages)

"Perhaps it was made by a greenskin... but why did my grandfather had it under this bed all this time?"

[And may it get's forgotten as I can't destroy it by myself with this weak mind...]

"Destroy it? why? though I can see now why did he described it as the darkness... Seing as it has a six-horned skull on it's cover, it doesn't look very holy"

(Gazes at it's cover)

"Also, it is strangely more heavy than it looks like, maybe it was made with different materials"

"Still, I don't understand why did my grandfather saved this if it is totally impossible to understand"


"Could this be... my legacy? Was my destiny to find this?"


"I have to know what it is written in these pages, but I doubt that someone would ever know what lenguage is this"

(Wanders around the room)

"Though, maybe I can still get some information about the greenskins in the libraries"

"Maybe I should go to the one in the capital city, as it is the biggest library so far, and probably I would be lucky enough to find what I am looking for in there"

"But, I musn't show this book to anyone, as there are two high possibilities: One, it is a very valuable book and people would try to steal it from me; or second, people will think of me as a demon worshipper considering it's cover. So I will keep this book hiden from everyone"

(Puts the book back into the chest and hides it under his bed)

"Anyway, now I should think about the excuse I will give to Helena to go to the capital city... as she's starting to be less naive than before, guess she's finally growing up"

"But from now on, this book will be the most valuable thing for me, and I will do anything to find out what it means"

"What's more, I may probably go by tomorrow already...